Jack of All Trades, Master of None

Posted on 8/27/2017 9:56:02 AM

Jack of All Trades, Master of None

Jack of All Trades, Master of None

Ever since the dawn of life on earth, man has tried to explore to meet his growing needs. This journey of exploration not only led him to find out new places but also incited an urge to experiment with different things that he found useful in daily lifestyle. 

It was not too long ago when people had less choice of doing activities. They had to perform burdensome tasks themselves in given time, which left them with no choice but to indulge in just one work. Hence, they got mastery in the specific walks of life by practicing them again and again-that can be witnessed if one digs out the history. With the passage of time, people started indulging in more activities at once - advancement of technology empowered the people to do that. As the technology took over almost every field, it helped people to work efficiently and in much lesser time. Access to knowledge on just a click, made people to learn about many things and to polish their skills. The increasing expense of living also played its part because people started engaging in more jobs or activities to afford the cost. Moreover, due to increase in competition among people to get ahead of each other, an atmosphere of distrust has taken place which impels people to increase their skill set so that they can perform their work themselves rather than putting their trust on someone else.

Though having diverse skill set has become the need of the day but it also prevents a person from getting mastery in any field. People with their legs in more than one boat face difficulty to float smoothly and speedily. Hence, they become jack of all trades but master of none.


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